We are a coalition of organizations determined to make our country work for all of us. The mission of May1.org is to advance the fight for an inclusive society and just economy. We will defend our communities until immigrant families do not fear the violence of deportation, until every child gets a good public education, every family has quality healthcare and childcare, and every senior can retire in dignity. We will advance justice until every woman and girl is safe, until Black people can walk down the street without fear of police terror, and until working full-time is enough for a family to live out of poverty.

May1st.org is not the project of any particular organization. Our goal is to be clearing house of information for May 1st actions and to help people participate across the country.

We are responding to a call for action for mass marches, shut down actions, and a general strike coming from many local and national community and resistance organizations. To learn more about different May Day calls for action visit:

The Food Chain Workers Alliance, Movimiento Cosecha, SEIU United Service Workers West, Alliance to Reclaim our Schools, Beyond the Moment, Voces de la Frontera

The May 1st Day of Action is a demonstration of our collective resistance. We stand together in the face of a profiteering economy that leaves behind working families and the growing racist attacks on our immigrant, Muslim and Black neighbors.

We will show the Trump administration and the world that our work is more powerful than his agenda of hate and greed. Our contributions are essential to American society. Our work must be valued and our humanity must be respected.

On May 1st, 2017

SHUT DOWN Attacks on our Freedom/Ataques a nuestra libertad,
SHUT DOWN Attacks on our Human Rights/Ataques a Nuestra Derechos Humanos,
SHUT DOWN Attacks on our Diverse Communities/Ataques a Nuestras Comunidades Diversas,
SHUT DOWN Attacks on our Right to Organize/Ataques contra nuestro derecho a organizarios

RESIST Discrimination/Discriminacion
RESIST Bans/Exclusion
RESIST Walls/Muros
RESIST Poverty Pay/ Salarios de pobreza
RESIST Stereotypes/Estereotipos

DEFEND Diversity/Diversidad
DEFEND Working People/La Gente Trabajadora

STAND UP TOGETHER on May 1st/Nos alzamos unidos el 1o de mayo

This is a call to all working people and communities/Este Un llamada para toda la gente trabajadora y todos lascomunidades:

Join in the streets/Unase a nosotros en las calles

May 1, 2017