Petition Your Employer to Close for the Day

The more workers united the more powerful. Print this petition and ask your co-workers to sign on to the day of action. Together ask your employer to shut the doors for the day in observance of the Shut it Down – Worker Solidarity Day of Action


Get your coworkers together and talk about the day of action. Circulate a petition in your workplace asking your organization or workplace to shut down on May 1st in solidarity (DOWNLOAD SAMPLE PETITION). Sign as many of your co-workers as possible up to participate. You can organize a May Day committee to sign up co-workers in every department and shift to participate. Be sure to get everyone’s contact information so that committee members can call and remind them to participate the day before May Day.

Take a delegation with as many of your co-workers workers as possible to your boss to deliver the petition and to notify them in advance. Possible talking points: “We are all going to participate on May 1st. Please join us in standing up against attacks on immigrants, civil rights, and working people by closing the workplace for the day. Since many of us won’t be here it would be hard to continue operations without us anyway. We will not tolerate retaliation against any of us for participating.